torsdag 27 oktober 2011

My DVD list

DVD movies are something I have been collecting for a long time, (corr. when I was young and single). I was searching for movies in all kind of stores, outlets, order catalogs, was there a movie I liked, then I had to have it in my collection. Take three pay only for two, was like heaven for me. Sometimes I didn´t find the third movie, but took something anyway to increase my collection. 
Before DVD it was VHS, I had like 15-16 boxes in the attic, that doesn´t exist today, coz a crazy firestarter lit a fire there.

I thought I should list my favourite DVDs, not an easy task to do, but here it go.. (DVD that I can see over and over again).

15. The Young Poisoner´s Handbook
14. A Beautiful Mind
13. Scarface
12. Goodfellas
11. Heathers
10. Taxi Driver
 9. The Basketball Diaries
 8. 28 Days Later
 7. One Flew Over The Cuckoo´s Nest
 6. The French Connection
 5. The Big Lebowski
 4. Martyrs
 3. It´s All Gone Pete Tong
 2. Frontier(s)
 1. Pusher

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